About us

Skin and Laser Surgery Center

Established in 2001, the Skin and Laser Surgery Centre is one of the first centres of its kind in Lithuania, which has been successfully operating until today, accumulating valuable experience and uniting highly qualified specialists.

The Centre deals with all problems related to skin and soft tissues, from traditional surgery and dermatology to modern laser surgery. The Skin and Laser Surgery Centre is staffed by highly qualified specialists who have acquired the necessary qualifications through special courses and workshops organised in Lithuania and abroad. Our centre removes various benign, malignant and vascular skin lesions, congenital and acquired moles, other skin lesions and pigmented skin changes. Unwanted hair is removed from the most sensitive areas of the body using a diode laser. Ultrasonic fat dissolving device is used for body contouring – cavitation. Cryolipolysis is used to destroy fat with cold. Our centre also performs ear, eyelid and nipple correction and ingrown nail removal surgeries. 

Laser and surgical removal of nevus and other skin lesions

Contouring of the body with ultrasonic and cryolipolysis devices

Removal of unwanted hair with diode laser

Medical and surgical treatment of ingrown nails

Our specialists

MD Saulius Špokevičius

Plastic surgeon

Inga Kragnienė

Cosmetologist – massage therapist

Kęstutis Barštys

Oncologist surgeon

Valentina Mackevič

General Practice Nurse